5 Ways to Strike Urgency for More Conversions

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Strike urgency

Cut down timers and exit intent technology can prompt people to take action sooner.

If you are the owner of a website, it’s always in your mind to attract people’s attention to convert. Either through engaging offers or modifying the look of your website to make it more visually appealing – you want to get noticed, and rightly so. Above all, you want to persuade people to take action by subscribing to a newsletter or making an online purchase and the best way ahead of you is to create urgency for conversions.

It is imperative to create an urgency for the people to visit your website, notice what you are selling, and get them hooked to make a purchase every single time. 

Let’s dive deeper into the steps that ought to be taken when it comes to leveraging proven ways to increase your sales funnel conversion:

  1. Run sales for a limited time: The scenario is the same as in the real world when for instance your car is passing through the market and you look at a shop where a sale is on the clothes. They have kept a 50% discount for one month. Happy and surprised at the same time, you come out of your car and head towards making a purchase. If people land on your website and see a profitable offer available for a limited period, they want to get it at the earliest else it might be missed.

Let’s say on Amazon, you are getting a 25% discount on a novel ‘Midnight’s Children’, and this offer is valid for just one month. Then, the eyeballs of bookworms will be enlarged by seeing this incredible scheme and they will not wait any longer to reconsider buying.

  1. Countdown timer helps: Another most effective way for inspiring people to convert is to use a countdown timer to your website. It reminds people that time is slipping from their hands and the sale is coming to an end sooner. 

A study reported on ConversionXL showed that creating an actual countdown timer is more effective than imposing an expiration date on the product.

MonsterInsights chooses countdown timers to reflect potential buyers for a limited time using the coupon code.   

  1. Show that your product is in demand:  You need to show through your website that your products are on high demand and popular. A multitude of items have already sold, so hurry up and order your product. 
  1. Use exciting Exit Intent Technology: After walking through your website and seeing everything that you are going to provide when people reach to the end section, they see statements like ‘Do not miss out, subscribe to our newsletter, get this at free of cost, only a few days are left’, they get very excited to take further steps to get what is being written.
  1. Use words for Urgency: The words you use in the headlines can give you a wake-up call and provoke your visitors to take further action. Words like “Hurry Up,” “Now,” “Immediately” can instill urgency in you to purchase or do what you want them to. 

If there is a software package your company is selling and you want people to ‘Try it now’ or ‘Use Free for 15 days’, then for sure a good crowd will be attracted if you make use of a good call to action with urgency. 

Try out these five practical ways to create urgency for conversions and write to us how they have benefited you by commenting below. Increase your sales funnel conversion now with Propel Guru

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