Amazing Facts And Benefits Of Content Marketing

Amazing Facts And Benefits Of Content Marketing

Content is considered King, but when driving engagement in the heavily competitive world, what matters is content quality and value that it adds to the viewers. Not only, the right content build confidence, increase credibility, but it helps you create brand awareness and drive massive traffic to your business site.

Content marketing brings astonishing results at hand other than filling up the web pages. The spine of every great brand you see ruling the digital world is the valuable and relevant content that connects to the audience. Content Marketing is now at the heart of every digital marketing service.

Explore The World of Content Marketing

In the B2B marketing landscape, businesses make significant investments in building content marketing programs. The most accepted CMS platform, WordPress, saw more than 83 million posts a month alone. It depicts how enormous content we have flowing on the web. Content marketing services are among the most efficient methods to grow an audience, drive engagement, build brand presence, and drive sales.

Why Is Content Marketing Important? 

In layman’s terms, Content marketing is essential because you answer your audience’s questions directly. It helps you build trust, improve conversions, connect with your customers, and generate leads.

In today’s age, users expect high-quality, consistent content from their brand. Consistency in brand messaging determines the rate of growth and success of the brand. Most brands know about their target audience and how to portray the brand to reach the customer’s touchpoint. The content you deliver needs to carry a unique voice, style, and fine pitch across all platforms.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

  1. Builds Brand Awareness 

Content marketing is an efficient way of constructing brand awareness among the new audience at significantly less investment. Building brand awareness via advertising or PR methods can prove too costly. If done correctly, content marketing can work as a good luck charm by spreading the word about your brand to people who never know if it ever existed.

On the other hand, Video content is irreplaceable in today’s market for brand awareness. It helps users know about your business, goals, products, and services that they can avail of to earn desired benefits.

  1. Helps Create Links

Great content is what other websites need to link to your website. For instance, if you can curate a range of high-quality content, other websites will like to link their web content with yours. You might earn massive traffic from high-quality links of a reputed brand. Backlinking is one of the proven methods to help in the ranking of your website in the SERPs. Suppose websites with high Domain Authority and Page Authority score links with your site. In that case, you will experience an increased number of people visiting the website and, as a result, will increase your Page Authority.

  1. Educate Your Audience

It is necessary to understand user demographics. It should be designed in a manner to educate your audience about something. Recognize the need of the user visiting your website, and deliver the content that he/she seeks. With informative content, you give answers to their questions and build a healthy relationship in the process. You can engage with your audience, both old and new, using different methods, and the more worthy content you deliver, the better it gets.

There is no doubt that the content gets outdated quickly, but few of the content pieces are evergreen. They tend to remain for a long time in Google’s Index. It does not mean that you need to add new content every time, but you can update and re-post the same content in time. But always stay updated with the latest trends and incorporate new content as well on your website.

  1. Better Customer Loyalty

Content is not some words, knowledge, or facts; it’s about how you deliver the content to encourage users to view or use your services. After recognizing your target audience, you must create content that builds your brand authority. Users should know that content provided will add value to their knowledge domain and entice users to visit your website regularly. It increases customer loyalty and creating a fan base for your website. In the future, if you share more content, the more robust the bond will get.

It is always about understanding the users, delivering the answers to their questions, keep your products/services top-notch among your competitors, and keep thriving hard to maintain loyalty.

  1. Generate New Leads

Digital marketing is all about capturing new leads and driving traffic to your business website. New leads are necessary to generate revenue and keep the business flow. Content marketing helps you create and acquire new business leads as it allows businesses to be found by the users who are specifically searching for products on the web. Many techniques such as polls and giveaways lead to increased web traffic, leading to more sales funnel conversions.

Amazing Facts About Content Marketing

  1. For every dollar spent on email marketing, $38 is earned. 
  2. Emails are 26% more likely to be opened if the recipient’s name is addressed in the subject line. 
  3. 80% of the blog uses an email newsletter to spread content to their audience. 
  4. Bloggers are 74% more likely to get great results if they repeatedly update their old blogs. 
  5. Updating an old blog can improve the overall traffic by as much as 402%. 
  6. Investing six hours a week in content marketing can show an increase in web traffic. 
  7. 74% of marketers believe that content marketing increases both the quality and quantity of their inbound leads. 
  8. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing.
  9. Consistent blogging can increase your traffic five times. 
  10. Email marketing is the most popular type of content marketing. 


Research and understanding your niche audience are crucial steps to be undertaken who want their content marketing game to lift. Content marketing is going nowhere for a long time now. With increasing competition, all you need to curate new methodologies and content to gain users. Focus on the quality and the proper distribution of content over different channels to get expected results. You can hire a digital marketing agency to help you achieve your content marketing goals at a faster pace. 

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