Global Trends That Will Affect Web Development

Global Trends That Will Affect Web Development

In this ever-changing digital world, thriving businesses and smart developers always look forward to creative ways to stay ahead of others in the digital platform. Affirming that new opportunities arise when new trends emerge. To stay on top of the web development game, businesses and web developers must remain updated with every latest trend that is introduced in the market every now and then. 

According to Blue Corona, 38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. These statistics make it clear how important the layout, design and framework is, for a website. Let alone, added features impact the working of a website to a great extent.

Every year, there are innovations added that are life-changing. Innovations like the use of artificial intelligence to machine learning, blockchain, and crypto-currency continue to influence the global economy. Individuals are always excited about the most popular languages and frameworks and the latest updates on web design and software applications. 

Now that we are aware that technology is ever-evolving and will surprise us each new year, we must look at the global trends that will affect web development in the year 2020 and beyond. 

Trend 1: Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning impact our daily activities on the internet without us even realizing it. After all, the primary motive of AI is to enhance our everyday experiences natively. 

For instance, Airbnb utilized AI to customize guest search results to enhance the chances of accepting their requests. A programmed machine learning algorithm breaks down the acceptance choices of each request of the hosts. Based on it, search results in lists that are likely to be accepted have a higher position. A/B testing indicated a 3.75% increase in conversion. Therefore, all clients of Airbnb are presently treated by this algorithm, which expands income and improves consumer loyalty. 

Machine Learning becomes a significant part of any web service. It is essential to incorporate it into your web app development service! Investigate the conduct of visitors to your website and modify their content. 

Your visitors will never find that you are utilizing an algorithm. However, their fulfillment will convert into expanded commitment and conversion.

Trend 2: Voice Search 

At present, we are encountering the beginning of the era of voice search. Each cell phone is now equipped with a digital voice assistant (Google Assistant for Android phones and Siri for iPhones). Likewise, smart speakers with artificial intelligence are gaining colossal fame. 

Let us now discover the purpose behind this transition to voice interfaces: 

Ease Of Use 

Communication is something we don’t need to learn. Subsequently, senior citizens and children can connect with voice interfaces with no expectation to absorb information. 


Today,digital voice assistants are typical elements of smartphones. Smart speakers are not yet that popular, though a price tag beginning from $50 is an excellent prerequisite for expansion. 

Voice search is one of the significant trends in e-commerce websites. But, it is additionally pertinent to all businesses with a website. If you need your web application to be found in the search engines, optimize it for voice search as quickly as possible. 

Trend 3: Chat Bots

Chatbots are made utilizing AI and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence is broadly used to impersonate human intelligence and perform simple functions and sophisticated features like the capacity to learn and examine data, gather all the crucial information, comprehend emotions of people, or take care of complex business difficulties issues. 

The requirement for chatbots in the web application will get across the globe in the year 2020 and beyond. 

Their development has permitted the omnichannel to manufacture a digital client experience and guarantee consistency between chat, voice, messaging, and web applications. You should incorporate chatbots and other AI highlights and features in your business while at the same time benefiting software development services. 

Trend 4: Single Page Applications 

A single-page web application works inside a web browser and does not need the page reloading during the usage. We are utilizing this type of web applications consistently. These are, for example, Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook, or GitHub. 

Single-page applications are tied in with serving an extraordinary client experience by attempting to mimic the “natural” condition in a web browser without additional wait time as there is no page reload. It is only one site page that is being visited by you, which at that point stacks all other content utilizing JS — which they vigorously rely upon. 

It is an incredible decision while making responsive websites, supporting mobile applications, tablets, and work areas. The most recent development in the single-page application depends on the Angular and React framework that makes it useful and reasonable for hybrid mobile apps. 

Trend 5: AMP Prevails 

Since Google has expanded the significance of mobile-enabled websites, designing responsive web applications has become an effective technique. It is, by all accounts, a promising trend in web application design. 

As indicated by a report from Adobe, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) represent 7% of all website traffic of the best publishers in the United States. 

AMP is explicitly designed to significantly improve the presentation of site content and promotions as you take a shot at website client experience and speed. The fluid working technique makes it a favorite one among individuals. It guarantees a spot and reputation intact over the long haul. 


At present, we can without much of a stretch perceive how chatbots and virtual assistants (like Amazon, Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri) and voice message (voicemail) robots have helped small businesses as well as large enterprises to engage and change social interactions. 

Currently, increasingly more software development companies in Canada are utilizing these innovations to make the best out of their web development project. 

If you have a business and are searching for custom web development services, you should go for Propel Guru to execute the developments mentioned above. These developments and trends will make your web applications stand out, and you can remain ahead of your peers! 

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