How Page Speed Affects SEO And How To Improve It

How Page Speed Affects SEO And How To Improve It

Over the years, page speed’s importance plays an essential role in Google Ranking. Do you know why?
The different factors determining a page’s loading speed include the site’s server, image compression, and page file size.

However, there is a slight difference between page speed and site speed. Page speed is the speed of an individual page, whereas site speed is the average of all the pages on a particular site.

There are lots of ways through which you can measure the paging speed. It includes:

Fully loaded page: It measures how much time does it take to load a page. This is the most straightforward way to determine the page speed.

Time to First Byte: It measures the amount of time it takes to start the loading process. For instance, when you load a page, the only thing that you see is the white screen. That is what Time to First Byte is all about.

First Contextual Paint: It means how much time it takes to load a particular portion of the page. For example, when you first load a page, the first thing you see is some content, then slowly the rest of the page appears. Thus, the first thing that you see on your page is what this measurement is all about.
Page speed plays a significant role in today’s digital marketing era, but what lowers the speed of your website:

Large Images
Too heavy images can lower your page speed. Preferring PNG for images rather than JPEG can help improve the page speed. Try compressing the images so that it does not require a lot of data to load the pages.

External Media
Websites normally provide external video links to their site to capture more audience. External media can actually lower the load time. Thus, it’s better to host the videos on the company’s server itself.

The Host
When you are paying for a page make sure it is worth your money and your business. Sometimes, cheap offers can have a bad effect on page speed.

Unoptimized plugins
The best way to understand the average speed of your site is by testing it on all browsers. Apps like Flash sometimes lower down the page speed.

Several Ads
Advertisements do bother the readers a lot, but they also have a negative impact on the speed of the page.

If your website is highly designed then it can end up penalizing your loading page. So make sure the designed and simple yet effective.

Social Media Widgets
Sometimes the social media widgets that you use on your page can slow down the page speed. Not just the buttons, also the comment areas can slower your page speed.
On average, an e-commerce website’s loading speed is seven seconds, whereas the ideal speed should be less than 3 seconds.

Here are some tips that will help you improve your page speed and engage more audience:

Don’t go for the budget:
Things that people are trying to do nowadays is to save money by choosing cheaper products and services. However, when it comes to websites, make sure that you are not looking for cheap products online.
Spend money on those web hosts that will help your business grow. However, some may say what difference it would make. 
Well, it makes a lot of difference – from page speed to website themes which are responsible for attracting customers to the site.

Reduce HTTP calls
Pages need programming languages and functions like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, functions like images and fonts require a separate HTTP request.

The more HTTP requests the slower your page will become. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind for a quicker page speed:

  • Combine all the JavaScripts and CSS into one file
  • Eliminate plugins that require their own JavaScripts or CSS files
  • Sprites to be used for frequently used images
  • Use fonts that require only one file like FontAwesome or Ionic Icons

Trailing Slash
Try including links that are pointing towards your website as it has an adverse effect on the page speed. When a URL does not have a trailing slash, then the website will be looking out for content with a similar name.
Thus, without a trailing slash, you are just forcing the server to show unnecessary links, which have no impact on the readers. 
Thus, page speed has a lot of impact on customer engagement and page visits. If you have more queries regarding SEO marketing, Contact Propel Guru.

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