How To Create Mobile-Specific Ads

How To Create Mobile-Specific Ads

With an increase in smart devices’ availability among people, the digital world has expanded its scope. Smartphones now play an essential role in increasing the sales and traffic of an online business or eCommerce. Talking about the latest statistics – 81% of adults have a cell phone. On average, a user spends 28.8 seconds on a mobile ad. Approximately 35% of sales are done through mobile. 

From the facts discussed above, it is clear that creating mobile-specific ads is essential for your business growth. Regardless of the size of your company, large or small, the need for mobile advertising is equally important. 

To successfully launch mobile-specific ads for your business, here are some important tips to keep in mind to use mobile advertising to grow your business. Here are five mobile marketing methods that will help you get ahead in the digital game.  

  1. Create user-friendly content: Whenever it comes to creating mobile-specific ads, you need to understand that your content should be responsive. Firstly, think about the situation in which the user will be checking your ad on the mobile. 

If you include long text in your ad, your chances of capturing the user’s attention may fall. He would not be interested in reading the entire paragraph because it would take a lot of his time. Therefore, ensure that you are focussing more on visuals. Create easy-to-remember slogans or images that would attract the user’s attention and compel him to invest the time in your ad. 

  1. Use videos in your mobile ads: It is rightly said that images are potent stimulators. Similarly, video ads are another efficient way to grab the user’s attention or a potential customer. According to a recent report, one out three users prefer to watch video ads on their smartphones. This clearly shows that people watch more videos than listening to music. 

Therefore, if you want to get in front of your user’s eyes, place a video ad. This will be easier for a user to remember your services and would provide your brand more reach. Video ads will get your customers to talk about your services. Also, it becomes easier for them to share your brand with their friends. 

  1. Social media is all you need: There is no denying the absolute fact that people check their social media channels after unlocking their mobile phones. Even during those few seconds while working or going to bed, your target audience would check their social media profiles. They might check their feed, scroll through some profiles, catchy notifications, etc. And, that’s where the catch is! Your ad might pop up on their feed. Mobile and social media have become two inseparable parts of a person’s life. So, try to make the most out of it and target the lookalike audience based on your brand’s services. On the contrary, you can even run mobile ads for those users who would have visited your website before. 
  1. Track your analytics and make changes: Pay close attention to the performance of your mobile ad. With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily monitor your user’s behaviors and make improvements. Using different analytics tools will enable you to know the status of your mobile campaigns. With the help of analytics tools, you can make modifications to your ads and even understand your target audience. You can attract potential customers and increase the conversion rate. Furthermore, the analytics report of your campaign will allow you to gain richer insights. 
  1. Load speed is critical: Ensure that the speed of your mobile ad is fast. Nobody would want to wait for a page to load. If your ad takes a lot of time to open, then it would decrease the attention span. Therefore, it is necessary to have a high speed of your ad. Load speeds significantly impact bounce rates because they will be a ranking factor in mobile searches. Also, faster mobile ads can lower your ad costs. Notably, according to a study, one out of two people expect an ad to load within 2 seconds and the ads that load within 5 seconds boost 25% higher ad viewability.

Final Wrap
Mobile ads have become the most common form of digital advertising for many brands as people use mobile devices to access websites, shop and make purchases. Investing your ad spend in a strategic mobile advertising campaign can result in an effective and profitable digital marketing strategy. With over five billion unique mobile device users, mobile advertising is an effective solution that can help you  increase your brand’s awareness and improve your conversion rates.

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