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During a crisis, the biggest mistake leaders can commit is to exaggerate when it comes to managing the threat and end up neglecting the crucial aspect of thinking in the long run. Undoubtedly, that would count as a blunder, to say the least as vision is critical both for creating a better future and evaluating decisions in the short term.

Today, the world economy is profoundly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This calls for urgent attention from leaders, including entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the world of digital marketing. Today, a digital marketing agency that does not have a growth and sustainability plan in place is doomed to fail.

According to industry experts, today’s challenging times will outthrow the impact caused to the world economy during the 2008 downturn, with some even contemplating it as outclassing the threats the world has seen during the Great Depression. But how come leaders handle this humongous crisis situation?

With numerous organizations covered and others attempting to endure, a few decision makers are thinking just in strategic terms. They’re worried about week-to-week endurance, not long haul vision. However, it is not the right approach. According to Ajay Dubedi, the CEO of Propel Guru (a digital marketing agency based in Canada), entrepreneurs cannot expect their business to survive for long if they are focusing on making sales today and not on customer retention and being compassionate with their customers in these difficult times.

That is reasonable, yet it’s a mix-up. The capacity to endure any emergency starts with a dream for what’s conceivable. That is genuine, regardless of how extraordinary the crisis, you can exponentially increase the success rate of your business.

It is a proven fact that individuals apply their best reasoning and endeavors to make sense of it if the vision ahead of them is sufficiently convincing, while paying little heed to the obstructions and resistance.

Lesson From The Lost Moon

You may recollect the film Apollo 13, given the harrowing experience with a similar name. The mission ended due to the early damage of the Apollo 13 rocket on its get-go, and in any case, it coming back to earth safe was in no way guaranteed.

The three-member crew, coming up short on oxygen and battery power, gathered together awaiting directions. In the meantime, veteran flight director Gene Kranz, who was NASA’s ground staff, aimed to find a solution. With every passing hour, the pressure was mounting.

A senior leader remarked it could be NASA’s worst disaster with every passing moment of spacecraft’s re-entry in the ecosystem. Kranz remained positive by exclaiming it to be the finest hour in the history of NASA. It is what you call a visionary leadership

A positive outcome from that vision-enabled Kranz and his team to succeed. The first vision was to land on the Moon safely, and with every step, they improvized, adapted, and created their way. Failure was not an option for Kranz. In fact, it is and it will never be an option for anyone, including you and me.

A bright and inspiring vision is what is required to survive the crisis. A leader must also establish the tools to power the future

Here’s why:

Vision Delivers Positive Change 

The current scenario is the perfect time for a positive change. Knowingly or unknowingly, the human race has pushed the world economy into a crisis. It would be no exaggeration to say that a majority of businesses even find it difficult to think about surviving. Most of them have already collapsed and this includes the names of Virgin Australia, Compass Airlines, Flybe, and Trans State Airlines to name a few. On the other hand, a compassionate digital marketing agency like Propel Guru has managed to not only survive but guided hundreds of small businesses, startups, healthcare organizations, and Fortune 500 Companies to improve RoI.

But the future is different. Measures to control the pandemic have already been put in place. Over time, businesses, jobs, and the demand for goods and services will thrive. Companies that envision a better reality in times of pandemic will lead themselves in a prosperity mode.

Save Your Business From Negative Thinking.

There is a saying that expectation isn’t a methodology, and it’s factual. To gain any ground, you need to have a dream, complemented by a stable arrangement. 

A leader should not be reactionary. You cannot put a halt on this pandemic because of fear. Neither of your concern will save your business. One must prepare for future possibilities.

Need For Visionary Leadership

In uncertain times, people search for leaders. Nations, communities, and families fall under this category. A leader identifies himself when he or she finds the way out of the mess. 

People follow the leader in any direction he or she leads despite the current situation they hope for a productive outcome. Now is the perfect time for you to lead with vision.

And so it will be

Without a doubt, the Apollo 13 container did came back to earth securely. Decades later, Jim Lovell, the commander of the flight team, was briefed some information about Gene Kranz’s wondrous comment. He quietly mentioned it as, “The finest hour indeed.”

Don’t let 2020 be the worst disaster your business has ever encountered. Supercharge your business now with Propel Guru, the world’s most preferred digital marketing agency. Let us help you be the visionary in the time crisis. 

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