Social Media Listening: A Boon for Nonprofits

Social Media Listening: A Boon for Nonprofits

It is quite distressing for nonprofits to do marketing and raise awareness about the issues that need immediate attention. Collecting funds and doing promotion for their organizations get cumbersome for nonprofit organizations. It takes immense effort and time to win the faith of people to make donations and believe in their cause. Social media listening acts as a catalyst in this and helps nonprofits get amazing exposure.  

If you create fantastic and appealing social media marketing strategies for low-budget companies, then it’s surely going to attract the attention of like-minded folks. According to the statistics, there are around 55 % of people who engage with social causes through social media and are motivated to help in some or the other way like donating money (68%), volunteering (53%), donating items (52%), or attending an event (43%). 

Above all, social media endorsement is free. Social Media Listening can help nonprofits in myriad ways. You may explore your creativity whilst using it and also attract a great audience. 

Following goals can be achieved through it:

  • Raising awareness of the organization and its cause
  • Increasing donations and participation
  • Building a loyal community
  • Managing your reputation 

Let’s explore what Social Media Listening is.

Social Media Listening is the process of finding keywords on social networking sites, blogs, forums and webs with the help of Social Media Listening tools like Awario and Brandwatch. Social Analytics, which follows Social Media Listening, analyzes data to provide you answers you need.  

Keywords can be anything related to the cause like Save Trees, No Racism, etc. You want to know about your organization in depth so that these questions can help you in a great way.

  • What do people feel about your organization?
  • Is our organization popular, more or less? 
  • Does our organization hold a good reputation?
  • Is our cause getting popular or not?
  • On which website, groups, and locations people talk about you?
  • Who can help you to promote your cause, and where can you do the promotion?

It’s time now to look into your first two goals and how we can achieve them.

Raising awareness and increasing donations/participation

Let’s see how many people show interest in the cause, and then, how do you convince them for any help, be it their valuable time, money, or word. 

Look out for people who talk about your organization

Firstly, you should know about the people who are already interested in your organization, so that you can envision what sort of people you want to reach in the future. 

Moreover, look out for people online who have talked about your organization or tagged you people in some posts or may have shared your posts. Look at their analytics: which locations do they belong to, and which social networks do they use. Maybe these are the people who talk about you but can’t help you in any substantial way; they are still essential for your cause. You want them to spread a word on social media so that you can engage with the people who can finally help you.

From their conversations, it would be clear to you that these people might not have resources right now, but in the future, they can be a great help, so you should put them for future targeting.

Find people who talk about your cause

For enhancing your reach to more social media users to donate or support your cause, it is very important to find people who are interested in your cause. With the help of Social Media Listening, you can easily track your organization’s mention and you can use the same tool to discover people who talk about your cause.

Then, with the help of data, reach out to those people, tell them what your organization does, how your cause can bring a change in the society, and demonstrate to them how they can be helpful. They are your hot leads as they know about you, the only thing left is to convince them.

Approach influencers and brand advocates

On social media, some people have a multitude of followers on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. There are famous bloggers, celebrities, authors, etc. who have a humongous list of followers like 50k, 90k, etc. The Social Media Listening lists will show you a list of millions of dedicated listeners.

The first group consists of brand advocates who talked about your organization once or twice. They can help spread awareness by telling more.

The second group has social media influencers who care about the cause, talk about it, and perhaps advocate for other nonprofits. There is nothing wrong with reaching out to them and convincing them to spread awareness about your organization.

If you are a nonprofit organization then Social Media Listening can do wonders for you. See how it can help you. Don’t wait, just apply the techniques. 

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