Traditional Vs. Gen Z Marketing: Key Points Marketers Must Know

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Young people or Gen Z are a sought-after group for marketers. Millennials and Gen Z have vast and growing purchasing power, and they can be reached in more places and ways than ever before because of the internet and social media. However, marketing to Millennials differs from marketing to Generation Z. These age groups approach internet advertising and purchase differently. Therefore, businesses and marketers will have to evolve if they want to reach them effectively.

Unfortunately, if you think marketing to Generation Z will be any easier than marketing to Millennials, you are missing out a lot more. But don’t worry; we’re here to assist you. Here are five marketing ideas to help you reach out to Generation Z and engage with them!

Emphasize On Visual Content

When it comes to social media, 81 percent of Gen Z prefers Instagram and YouTube. However, when asked which social media platforms Gen Z would want to see brands use more frequently, 56 percent responded to Instagram, and 38 percent said YouTube.

Marketers should consider combining visual platforms into their campaigns and creating bite-sized content like Instagram Stories, given Gen Z’s desire for short-form video content.

Utilize Interactive Content

When it comes to attracting Gen Z’s attention on social media trends, studies show that a mix of inventiveness and engagement works best. In other words, when younger audiences land on your posts, they want to do something—tap, swipe, or click.

Anything you can do to promote social interaction and conversation is positive. You should implement interactive elements such as polls to discover more about your clients while capturing their interest.

Leverage Time Wisely

Make your marketing efforts worthwhile. According to the research, millennials have a 12-second attention span, whereas Gen Z has eight seconds. In addition, millennials use three screens on average, whereas Gen Z users use five screens on average. This expands the number of options to attract Gen Zers, but it also introduces a risk: if the content fails to hold a Gen Z user’s attention for more than 8 seconds, they will likely skip, scroll through, or disregard advertising content.

Consider An Influencer Campaign

If you really want to pursue the influencer path, go with micro-influencers instead. Micro-influencers, defined as anyone with a social media following of 1,000 to 100,000, actually produce more interaction than their superstar counterparts because Gen Z can relate to them. Gen Zs are looking for authenticity in marketing. 63% percent of Gen Z consumers prefer to see actual people in commercials, and 71% of YouTube users believe they relate to creators more than traditional celebrities.

Use Every Social Media Platform Differently

Generation Z, unlike Millennials, has had easy access to the Internet and social media for most of their lives. As a result, people rely on social media for various reasons, to the point that they check their accounts at least once an hour. But, one thing is certain: you can’t promote Gen Z in the same way across all channels, whether they’re using Facebook to gather information or Instagram to show off their ideal selves. So, it is crucial to take advantage of every social media platform differently to cater to wider audiences.

Summing Up

For businesses, Generation Z is the next big thing. They currently have an estimated $200 billion in spending power, which is expected to increase as more Gen Z workers enter the workforce. In many ways, marketing to Generation Z will be very different from marketing to older generations. It will undoubtedly be difficult and time-consuming. However, if you’re ready to put in the effort to learn about your new consumers, they’ll thank you for taking the time to do so.

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