TV Ads Provide A More Positive Impression Of Brands: GroupM Report

TV Ads Provide A More Positive Impression Of Brands: GroupM Report

TV Ads Provide A More Positive Impression Of Brands

 New research released by GroupM, the world’s leading media investment company, has revealed that TV advertisements give users two times more positive  and favorable brand responses than standard digital formats.

The study entitled ‘Consumer Trust in Digital Marketing’ that provides data-driven insights for digital marketers about consumer attitudes toward marketing says 64% of consumers would have a negative opinion of a brand concerning inappropriate content.

The research surveyed nearly 14,000 consumers in 23 countries and found that 6 out of 10 users said they will use the product if their data is used for any purpose. “56% of consumers want more control over their data,” the survey revealed.

Against the background of security and privacy issues around the world, the survey found that consumers responded more positively to television advertisements and that more than one-third of consumers (37%)  believed that digital ads are too annoying & intrusive. 

In this regard, marketers need to focus on using the right digital platform to reach consumers, be transparent about how personal data is collected and used, and think strategically about the many media sites where they can build long-lasting relationships with consumers.

Christian Juhl, Global CEO of GroupM, commented: “With pervasive reports of data security and privacy missteps, consumers are increasingly wary of information gathering about them as they move online. Media has evolved dramatically, and it’s crucial the industry work collaboratively to make advertising work better for people around the world. As marketers, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we are using consumer information responsibly and transparently.”

The GroupM report also highlights impressive consumer assessment results from various types of brand communication across markets. For instance, an average of 59% of consumers worldwide appreciated receiving discounts and offers on products, but only 20% of consumers welcome invitations to complete satisfaction surveys.

75% of New Zealand consumers say they will tend to buy or use products or services if the company uses their personal information. In comparison, only 38% of consumers in Indonesia said the same.

Chris Myers, report author and regional director, GroupM APAC, said: “To make digital advertising work better for everyone, we must listen to what consumers are saying and refine our strategies accordingly.”

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