What to do for Creating a Successful Virtual Event for Your Company

What to do for Creating a Successful Virtual Event for Your Company

We cannot deny the fact that as with the advent of digitization people are switching more towards the virtual world. A plethora of companies and businesses instead of organizing a mega event at physical level, they are more inclining towards creating virtual events.  

We are here to share with you some profound tips that will raise the bar of your virtual event and catalyze its success rate in the business world. 

Let’s dig deeper.

Keep the Duration of Session Short: This is pretty much required as nowadays people are running short of time, and virtual events cannot engage you for a more extended period because people start losing interest in it. 

We organized a webinar session for nine minutes, and guess what? The audience presence in that session was higher than that of sessions of 60 minutes or more. 

We are not for the apparent reasons to recommend you cut the length of your sessions to 9-10 minutes, but consider shortening its length by 15 or 30 minutes. 

Make your Title and Descriptions more clear and informative: Factually, when there is any physical event, the audience’s presence can be predicted higher in comparison to a virtual event. I can sense the question word-why-appears in your mind. 

Attendees will depend on word-of-mouth, which sessions other participants are attending, and what information is being shared there? Unfortunately, virtual events lack all these benefits. 

Moreover, online events rely on emails, social media, etc. to spread the information presented in the virtual sessions.

As a result, participants in your virtual sessions have less information about which session they need to attend and which to skip.

Hence, the titles and descriptions for your virtual conference programming must be clear, comprehensive, and informative. 

Presence of Moderator is essential: The role of moderator in face-to-face sessions is indispensable as they connect with the attendees in between to boost up the energy level as for the audience, online events become monotonous. 

So, how can we use the moderator in the best possible way? Allowing the emcee to start the session like a regular event and then moderate the questions for the speakers and switch online to chat with attendees. 

Use Attendee Chat for Q/A often: In online events, the best way to interact is through a chat box. You can guide attendees to use a chatbox and have a conversation amongst themselves and with the presenters through a Q/A function in your virtual platform. 

Presenters should take the questions from the audience, using the chat box tool.

It would help if you guided your presenters to use the inbuilt function of polling to ask questions from the audience and get instant mathematical results. It will make your virtual sessions more exciting and engaging.

Require Presenter Run-Throughs: Your presenters must participate in run-throughs materials prior to the online event, probably a week or days before.

 They must have participated in various online events before, but every online event software platform is different, and presenters need to have a clear understanding of all this. 

Presenters can make changes to their script or content once they become familiar with different interactive elements. 

Usage of Cameras: Ask your presenters to use their webcams whilst presenting, so that it looks more real and similar to face-to-face interactions. 

This allows the audience to connect better with the speaker and can see their expressions during the event.

You must have a nice camera and suitable lightning to go for online conferencing. 

Moreover, the audio quality of presenters should be good; if it does not match the standards, the audience will quickly log off. Use good quality microphones while presenting and test before the session, whether the sound is clear or not.

Take care of the background voices as well; there shouldn’t be the sounds of vehicles, a dog’s bark, or your phone’s ring.

Using these tips, you are surely going to make your online event a huge success. Before organizing an event, a lot of homework is required, and we know you are going to put all your best efforts. 

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