Why Successful Branding Is Always Based On Color Theory

Why Successful Branding Is Always Based On Color Theory

Colour has a lot of importance in a person’s life. We usually wear dresses depending on our mood – knowingly or unknowingly. Even days have a lot of importance on the colors that we use.
For instance, when it’s Christmas or Valentine’s day, it’s all about red, but the color is rainbow for Bisexuality day. 

What Is Color Theory?
Some colors lift your mood, whereas some might take you to some long-lost memories. Thus, understanding color theory or psychology will help you boost your conversion rates. Color Psychology will allow you to predict your customer’s response to your marketing messages, based on your texts’ color on websites, backlinks, and images. 

Studies have also proved that with the effective use of color, you can increase your brand recognition by nearly 80 percent. The website should also have a uniformity when it comes to colors, from marketing to logo design to packaging. All these elements act as the brand’s voice and reflect the culture and individuality of the business.

The geographical location of the business and the culture of the society also plays an important role when it comes to color theory. For instance, the red color is sacred and associated with prosperity in Asian countries, whereas the same color represents danger and love in western countries. 

These factors should be kept in mind when targeting specific audiences as part of your marketing strategy.

Thus, when it comes to digital marketing, color psychology plays a vital role in predicting your target audience’s response before they end up buying your products and services. 

What Is The Importance Of Color Theory In Branding?
Color Theory has a lot of importance in branding your business because it has a legitimate impact on the audience. Creating an impression is what matters a lot when it comes to creating a brand. Always remember – The first Impression Never Dies.

It will help you create loyal customers, and that’s where color theory comes to play. In a book by Michael Campbell named Color Persuasion: The Science of Using Colors to Persuade and Influence Purchasing Decisions, he stated that the colors could intensely stir an individual’s emotions.

What Do All The Different Colors Mean?

Red — It shows passion, anger, love, and excitement. It also portrays the importance and the urgency to grab attention.

Orange — This color is all about playfulness, vitality, and friendliness and creates a lot of energy in the readers’ minds.

Green — Stability, growth, and an environmental feel is what green color depicts. It also shows signs of positiveness and harmony.

Light Blue — The color depicts signs of tranquility, trust, innocence, and openness

Dark Blue — Professionalism, formality, and security are all involved in this color. It also means a show of maturity and trustworthiness.

Yellow — The youthful and optimum formality of the organization is what yellow clearly depicts. 

Purple — It signifies royalty, luxury, and creativity.

Pink — A mood of femininity, youthfulness, and innocence is what the color depicts.

Brown — This color gives a rugged, old-fashioned, and earthy feel to the organization.

Gray — Neutrality is what mainly revolves around this color. It can also give you a feel of classic, serious, and mature.

Black — A modern, luxurious, and powerful feeling is what black actually depicts.

White — A feeling of virtue, cleanliness, health, and simplicity is this pure color portrays.

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