Top Digital Marketing Events You shouldn’t miss in 2023

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Being in the field of Digital Marketing, the opportunity to learn and grow is tremendous. 

One thing that’s important in the Digital Marketing field is Networking. And to build a great network, attending conferences and events plays a crucial role.

This year, team Propel Guru attended DigiPlus Fest 2023, a digital marketing event held from 2nd-3rd February 2023.

Such digital marketing events help businesses learn about the new digital marketing trends, connect to the field’s leading experts and collaborate with peers interested in growing together in the digital marketing industry.

Since you are here, you seem interested in knowing about the future digital marketing events to be held this year.

In this blog, we will share the details about some of the fantastic Digital Marketing events going to be held in 2023.

Digital Marketing Events in 2023

  1. Global Virtual MarTech Summit: 

Global Virtual MarTech Summit will take place on 22nd February 2023 as a virtual event. 

It is a one-day event, and various tycoons from the best digital marketing company will come together to share insights on data, consumer, and digital experiences. 

With more than 600 attendees and 35 thought leaders and experts, this event will be the year’s grand event.

  1. CX Transformation Assembly: 

CX Transformation Assembly will take place on 7th-8th March 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

This event provides the founders, CEOs, CTOs, and executives of the company with an opportunity to network and learn about the latest trends and technology, including the challenges faced by brands after the pandemic, AR and VR, experience design, and more.

  1. Social Media Marketing World: 

Social Media Marketing World will take place from 13th-15th March 2023 in San Diego, CA. 

If you are a social media enthusiast looking to enhance your social media consulting services or marketing skills, this event is solely for you. 

This event will mainly focus on the topics such as Organic Social Marketing, Paid Social, Social Strategy, and Content Marketing

Also, one of YouTube’s highest-paid stars, Derral Eves, advisor to Mr. Beast, will be attending the event as a speaker. 

This event will witness thousands of influences and marketers collaborating and sharing their thought-provoking ideas to build businesses successfully.

  1. Reputation’s Transform 2023: 

Reputation’s Transform 2023 will take place from 3rd-5th May 2023 in Austin, Texas. 

Day 1 will be about Reputation Academy Day (RAD), and Day 2 will feature breakouts and general sessions. 

On Day 1, attendees will learn about real-life examples of how businesses communicate with their customers via surveys, social media, messaging, etc.

The event’s primary focus will be on managing customer feedback from beginning to end to maintain a long-term relationship with the customer. 

  1. Lead Generation World London: 

Lead Generation World London will take place from 9th-10th May 2023 in London, UK. 

If you are interested to learn about lead generation, this event is solely for you. 

This event aims to help advertisers and lead buyers to use insightful content for the targeted audience. 

Lead Generation World London’s agenda includes shopping trends, balancing lead quality and cost, creating loyalty, and more.

  1. Forrester CX North America Forum 2023: 

Forrester CX North America Forum 2023 will take place from 13th-15th June 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

We know that a positive customer experience requires alignment between CX, marketing, and digital professionals, and this event promises to deliver that. 

Attendees will get a chance to network with industry leaders, Forrester analysts, sponsors, and more. 

In addition to providing attendees with hands-on guidance through informative breakout sessions, Forrester will share the latest research and frameworks, share industry best practices via case studies, offer networking opportunities with other CX and marketing leaders, and present top-notch keynotes to inspire attendees.

Why Should You Attend the Digital Marketing Events?

  • Digital Marketing events help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the digital marketing industry.
  • You get a chance to build a strong network with industry professionals and peers.
  • You can quickly build a connection with your potential clients.
  • With the help of workshops and sessions at the event, you can learn new strategies that can be helpful in digital marketing.
  • Your business can gain quick exposure to a diverse range of ideas.
  • Your digital marketing knowledge and skills will improve exponentially.

Bottom Line

Many more such events will be held annually, focusing on digital marketing and its latest trends and technologies. Make sure you take advantage of all of them, and it proves fruitful to your business.

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