5 Google Ranking Signals That Make Your Content Visible

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Your content needs visibility on the internet, but how? Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the traffic when your content is exemplary. Google publishes content that is of high-quality and meets specific standards. But, the question is, how can you make your content vibrant and trendy?

Let’s see what signals you can add to your content that can take it on the top of the Google rankings. 

Highly-linked Content: Backlinks can make your content more reachable to the audience, and backlinks are the backbone of its ranking algorithm. It is proven that you need a multitude of links to make your content more visible and accessible. We need to create content that can be linked to existing pages and even sub-pages. Hence, the role of the content creators becomes more explicit and imperative; to create one that attracts links. 

What Linkable content means

Depending on the material, its audience gets decided. Conservation of content on water would attract the attention of environmentalists; educational content is for teachers, lecturers, students, and content related to technology attracts technocrats.

Buzzsumo tells you which content is going to attract more links on your subject. 


Google trends the relevant content on the web; it is a recent signal on which Google is still working on its modifications. 

while using a specific keyword in the entire article, most of the time on a page was enough to make the content more relevant. 


It is indicated by Google that long-form content generates more backlinks, therefore it ranks higher. So, it’s wise to create more linkable content. 

  • If you get a choice between writing 1000-word articles or three 200-word articles, then always choose the longer content.
  • If you are writing content of 5000 words, then it is advisable to include sub-topics.
  • If you have written an answer of 500 words to a question, and it is clearly answering the question, then it is not desired to make it a lengthy content. 

Exact Keywords Match

There is a high probability of ranking your article at the top when the keywords match precisely. So, it’s excellent if your title tags have keywords that wholly or partially match. The thing to note is that most titles do not have keywords matching exactly, but there is some variation of those.

Content Engagement: It has always been an essential parameter for deciding the ranking of your content. If readers do not read your content, does it mean they don’t like the article, or maybe they find their answers during the search? If people go through the complete content, they might feel the content quite engaging. So, this signal becomes questionable, and it’s dicey to analyze or evaluate.

Finteza is a new web analytics platform that spreads light on conversion and engagement monitoring

Many signals drive Google to do a more relevant search, but the content is the primary foundation of ranking it high. So, focus on writing relevant ones, keeping the signals as mentioned above in mind.

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