6 Reasons Your SEO Agency Is Losing Clients & What To Do About It

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SEO is a complex marketing subject to comprehend. It’s a war of wits between SEO consulting firms and Google, in which Google withholds a lot of data, and the agency must measure, theorize, and sometimes rely on trial and error to figure out what will work. Given this, it’s no surprise that agency-client interactions are filled with mishaps.

Understanding your clients’ challenges and how you might assist them in solving their problems is crucial to your success. Of course, a happy client will return to your agency time and time again. But, it’s not enough to only acquire and retain new customers; you also need to understand why agencies lose business. Many agencies, according to studies, lose clients within the first few months of gaining them. What is the reason for this? This is precisely what this blog will be about. So, let’s dive into six of the most typical reasons SEO firms are dismissed.

1. Poor ROI

In the end, a client will only pay for SEO if it generates revenue. Agencies can bring in all the organic traffic in the world, but if website visitors don’t buy, the customer will eventually switch to another firm or pursue other marketing choices.

2. Miscommunication

You and your clients need to communicate openly to share all of your ideas and thoughts. This is the ideal setting for fresh ideas to be shared. Regardless of how trivial the issue is, agencies and clients must tell the agencies what kind of deliverables they want. Then, the agency can tell the clients how they plan to get those deliverables.

3. Different Goals

Frequently, the goals of the agency and the clients are at odds. For example, imagine the agency’s expertise suggests that the client should focus on smaller clients at first, but the client believes the contrary. In situations like these, have an open dialogue and come to a mutually beneficial resolution. Therefore, both the client and the agency must be on the same page.

4. Not Following Industry Trends

The market situation is changing as the wants and desires of clients change. As a result, the agency must be up to date on the latest market trends. Thorough market research is the only method to learn about these trends. You must have that spark and offer something unique to stay ahead of your competitors.

5. Disorganized Plan

It’s not an excellent idea to have a chaotic plan and a lot of goals. Instead, categorize and plan your objectives based on their importance and associated advantages. Then make a list of actions that will assist you in achieving these objectives. An excellent technique to categorize goals is to divide them into short-term and long-term goals. As a result, agencies and clients must have access to the same data updated frequently.

6. Unsatisfactory Results

If a client is dissatisfied with the results, the chances of losing them increase. You may lose the client if you as an agency are unable to demonstrate tangible outcomes. Most of the time, agencies overpromise in their quest to deliver and satisfy their clients. However, it is always a plus if you provide more than you promised.


More innovative business owners are emerging. They demand clear communication from their agency partners and more value for the money they invest. While not all companies are harmful, a sizable market segment has profited from the fact that few clients understand how SEO trends work. This is beginning to change.

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