How Lead Generation Techniques Can Help You Build More Links

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Previously, link building was more focused more quantity and not quality. But, today, link building is an altogether different procedure. Link building has turned into a vital component of a digital marketing plan for increasing high-quality traffic to your website and creating an effective lead generation strategy. As a result, link building has become a trendy topic among businesses and marketing gurus.

If you are creating a link-building strategy, it is essential to know that it is not an instant process. Instead, it is a gradual approach where one needs to do proper research and build effective strategies. Moreover, the quality and authority of the pages where you generate links are essential factors in deciding how high you’ll rank in search engine results. 

While creating an effective marketing strategy, one is always concerned about one thing, which is a surge in sales. However, if we focus on it as our end goal, it will become challenging to get the desired results. Also, before making the final purchase, a consumer requires up to eight touchpoints. Therefore, if a marketer only focuses on the final sale, you might be missing the extra steps that drive your consumer to buy. 

Thus, a marketer needs something in between to bridge the gap between a stranger and a buyer. That’s where the notion of lead comes into play. A lead can be termed as a contact in the form of a potential or future buyer. Once you turn a visitor into a lead, you can reach out to them in a much more personalized way via on-site personalization, re-marketing, email, social media, etc. 

Steps To Add Lead Generation Process To Link Building Strategy

  1. Start By Defining Your Linking Leads

This is known as an outcomes-focused data strategy in B2B marketing. It implies that you need to know what you want to achieve (the goal) before designing a strategy to reach that outcome. Next, the outreach team can assist the content in attracting links to specific topics. It will allow the content team to create something different than the existing content. After this, the outreach team can deliver that content to the leads they’ve identified before content creation. 

  1. Categorize Your Linking Leads

As we have previously mentioned, the end goal in link building is the link. However, different leads might require a different number of touchpoints to reach the final goal, i.e., the link. Also, having more links is better than one. This is where you can take advantage of the lead nurturing process. For organizing your linking leads, you can begin with creating a detailed profile for each lead or reaching out to them on their social media accounts. 

  1. Look For Alternative Contacts

This is known as “account-based marketing” in B2B, and it occurs when you know which firm would be your perfect customer and begin investigating how to effectively onboard it. This method applies to large multi-author publications that would be perfect and ongoing backlink providers for your content when it is about link building. LinkedIn is for identifying the existing contact, while Twitter is ideal for finding new ones. A website’s About Page is also the best option to look for alternative contacts. 

  1. Expand Your Touchpoints

Email is still one of the most effective ways of link building. However, there are other ways to reach out to your leads and hear back from them as well. 

  • A LinkedIn message 
  • A Twitter follow 
  • Tagging the lead on social media 
  • Commenting on their personal site 
  1. Improve Your Assets

Diverse touchpoints necessitate the diversification of assets. Your outreach will be more effective if you provide your linked leads with something useful to put in their post. If your first email and follow-up didn’t work, consider making a visual summary in the form of an infographic in your second follow-up to give them something new to look at. If you give your outreach and content teams the tools they need to create those pieces, the process may become quite simple and productive.

  1. Landing Page Optimization

The people you email should have a positive first impression of your linkable asset. There are various ways to accomplish this, but some factors are beneficial to almost any SEO strategy. You must have an ad-free page, and your website should comprise a clear and catchy call to action. Change the CTAs to fit your connecting leads rather than your usual advertisements on the linkable asset page.

Wrap Up

Safe connections are ones that we have no control over. This transforms the link-building process into a type of art or well-crafted serendipity. Thus, before reaching your final objective, you must do several things while keeping your end goal in mind.

When any site owner, professional or amateur, is inundated with link requests these days, you need to step up your link-building game. Fortunately, there is a nearby marketing area from which you may learn: lead generation marketing. To get great links to your website, use more diversified and challenging outreach strategies. 

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