Tips and Formula for Sales Messaging that Converts Prospects to Conversations 2021

Tips and Formula for Sales Messaging that Converts Prospects to Conversations 2021

One of the essential features of effective prospecting is by understanding the best buyers for your business. By this, it means finding the best leads and prospects who actually want your product or service to clear out the challenges.

Let’s take a look at the top tips and formulas for a perfect sales messaging that will help convert prospects to leads:

1. Research: It is one of the most important aspects when it comes to sales prospecting. Sellers and marketers always need to remember that you only have one chance to impress your customer, and ‘First Impression Always Matters.’ It would be best to keep in mind that you are providing valuable information and prioritizing your audience accordingly. It is all about finding out the best opportunities to develop the best connection through rapport building, trust development, and hyper-personalization.

2. Marketing And Sales: The year 2021 should be about experimenting, and the same goes for sales pitching. Earlier it was sales who used to do all the pitching, but now marketers should come to the forefront and support the sales team in creating an appropriate sales message relating to social media and digital engagement. Thus, it is all about sales and marketing being deeply intertwined like never before.

3. Hyper-Personalized Messages: Marketers should focus on reaching out to the buyers with the help of their messages, which can be in the form of case studies, content, e-books, and many more. 2021 is all about personalizing your messages to the buyers so that they feel connected. For instance, there should be different messages for CMO, CFO, and other professionals. This makes content personalized to an individual level. With personalizing the messages, there is no need to send millions of emails, and it is all about that one message which reaches the heart.

4. PVC Sales Methodology: PVC stands for Personalization, Value, and Call-to-action. Marketers and sellers have to keep in mind that the messages give value to the users and can be both inbound and outbound sales. These messages can be used in the email and also in LinkedIn messages for sending connection requests. With the help of this methodology, you will only be attracting the buyers, not distracting them. 

5. Be Digital: In today’s selling environment, almost 80 percent of the B2B buyers participate in the remote selling and buying process. Thus, being digitally connected and socially engaged, people are hungry for unique content. That is something that you need to provide them, some engaging and visually appealing content. Also, the digital revolution has perfectly aligned the both buying and selling world, where both are independent of each other.

6. Marketers To Write: Earlier, the salesperson was responsible for writing the messages, but now it should depend on the marketing team when it comes to writing a sales-worthy message. For that, the marketers should know every corner of sales and should put some content marketers to work out in the process. This will help in providing some catchy and personalized messages to the buyers.

7. Sales VS Product Messaging: Product messaging is for marketers. They need to understand the features and functions of the product and translate that into solving real-world problems and deliver value to the users. In contrast, sales messaging is all about taking those features and functions of the product and translating them into a pitcher. This way, you have to make sure that the message makes people understand that the product will solve real-world problems.

8. Be Camera Friendly: 2021 is all about coming in front of the camera, but that does not mean that you need to change the sales process entirely. Sellers and marketers need to identify the best-fit buyers and connect with them on social media. Thus, connecting with the buyers will no longer take place door to door. It will all happen over the phone through messages or video calls. With this drastic shift, it is important for sellers and marketers to mastery the art of speaking over phones and thrive in their business.

9. Multiple Channels: When it comes to outbound sales, it will require various channels to increase the outreach. Thus, it is necessary to reach out to your buyers on different channels like email or Facebook. However, there might be some unanswered messages or you might lose some money on paid ad campaigns that you have to suffer. Losses are part of the game, and it is all about how much you engage with your customers. Sellers and marketers need to find out platforms that are user-friendly and have a lot of personalized features.

10. Address Objections: It is quite common that 80 percent of the sales prospects first say “NO” before saying “YES” to a deal. But, many sellers drop the agreement as soon as they hear the NO word, thus missing out on the opportunity that was coming to their table. Sellers need to keep in mind that sales are a long game that will take time to accomplish. Along with that, you might face some challenging questions from your sales prospect, which you need to answer with ease and perfection. The more you improvise every time, the more the client will be impressed by you. 

Sales prospecting is a very tedious process, which requires patience. But on the other hand, it is also a very positive experience for both the sales representative and the prospect. The more unique strategies you come up with to impress your buyer, the better will be your workflow. 

Here’s a quick tip for you: Always experiment with the best techniques and tools that work for your team so that you can convert the best prospect into a customer.

Indrajeet Agrawal

Head of Business Development & Consultant

A successful sales leader, Indrajeet has effortlessly led teams to successful deliveries by redefining business promotion, lead generation, email marketing, and a series of out-of-the-box sales and marketing techniques. Ability to work independently and with cross-functional teams and facilitating truly agile processes while seeking iterative improvement.

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