How To Optimize Meta Title & Meta Description- Why It’s Crucial?

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Do you want to optimize your website for search engine ranking and know the factors contributing to the same?

Two of these factors are meta title and meta description. These short pieces of text appear in your search engine results pages (SERP). They must be written well to attract people to click on your website.

You can maximize your traffic and clicks with the right tips to optimize the meta title and description. Hiring Propel Guru, a renowned SEO Consultancy service provider, can provide you with the right expertise and domain knowledge in the Digital Marketing world.

This blog post will throw light on what meta titles and descriptions are, 

why optimizing meta titles & meta descriptions is crucial, and tips to optimize meta titles & meta descriptions.

What is Meta Title?

Meta Title is your web page’s title and can be displayed on the search results page. It must show the theme of the webpage and the text used as a link for your website. It must be crisp and concise. It must contain the relevant primary keywords of your webpage. 

It has to be precise and reflect the content of your page. There is a limitation in length, between 50 to 60 characters. Otherwise, it gets truncated in the search engine result pages.

What is Meta Description?

It also appears in the search engine result pages and offers a summary of the web pages. It is placed below the meta title when your site information appears on the SERP. 

It precisely reflects the webpage content but is not used as a link to your website. Using the keywords within the first five words of a meta description is advisable. Here the proper length is 150 to 160 characters. When your meta description matches the first 160 characters of your web page, visitors will get things as expected.

You must use compelling content to increase the desire in people to click through your website. It is like a classified ad for your webpage. A significant rise can be seen in the number of right visitors clicking on your website if the meta description is relevant to your site’s theme. 

Why Optimizing Meta Title & Meta Description are Crucial?

There is tough competition in the marketplace when companies try hard to rank in the top three. Must be thinking, Why? Simply because you get the maximum clicks and traffic when securing a top rank. If you fail to attain a top-three rank, you must explore more ways to increase your traffic. Here meta description or meta title plays a vital role. Let us find out the reasons, one by one. 

The reasons are:

  • The first thing seen by the visitors is the meta title and meta description. Optimizing these only requires a little effort from your side. 
  • By writing an engaging, relevant and decisive meta title or meta description, you can persuade more people to click on your website link in the search results.

Meta titles and meta descriptions are crucial in on-site SEO and marketing. When the meta title and meta description are well-written, there is a probability of a surge in your website traffic. But, it is important to note here that Meta titles have little contribution to your website rank. It is the backlinks, keywords and quality traffic that matters most. 

Let’s discuss tips and tricks to optimize Meta titles and Meta descriptions. 

Tips to Optimize Meta Title & Meta Description

  • Include Keyword 
  • Reflect Webpage Content 
  • Make Your Content More Engaging 
  • Optimize for Conversions 

Include Keyword 

You must incorporate keywords into your meta title and meta descriptions. 

The most important thing here is ensuring that your title is easy-to-read. If the title sounds spammy or robotic, including the keywords will ruin your SEO efforts when you stuff keywords into the text. 

Reflect Webpage Content 

The meta titles and meta descriptions must exactly and immediately reflect your web page content to the reader. 

An example of a well-optimized meta description for Slack is shown below:

Meta title example


Make Your Copy More Engaging 

Your copy must exhibit emotions like excitement, happiness or curiosity. Here are some tips for the title:

  • Use power words like “Affordable” or “Extra” to make them more attractive. 
  • Add Modifiers like “Top 10” or “Near Me” to increase relevanceMention the benefits of visiting your website, whether it is a guide or a solution to a problem. 

There is scope for adding more words to your meta description. So, the tips for meta description are:

  • Add a CTA to highlight what your visitors are expected to do, like subscribing to a newsletter. 
  • Insert USP in the description. 

Optimize for Conversions 

Use the call-to-action phrases to optimize your meta titles and descriptions to get conversions. A perfect example of it can be “Learn More” or “Sign up Today.” 

Use the call-to-action phrases to optimize your meta titles and descriptions to get conversions. A perfect example of it can be “Learn More” or “Sign up Today”. 

What you must avoid while Writing Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions?

It would be best if you avoid the following:

  • Avoid using long copies. Only use short copies, as they get cut off by the SERPs.
  • Do not use the site name in the meta title. Focus on the page content and not the site. 
  • Use unique meta titles and descriptions for various pages as search engines take the information from the first page. 


We must write the meta titles and descriptions using these tips, including keywords, creating engaging copies, and many more. Well-written meta titles or descriptions have benefits, like increased conversions,traffic and improved click-through rates. 

You can use tools to write compelling meta titles and descriptions, such as Yoast SEO, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, SEOmofo, etc. A free tool like Google Adwords Keyword Planner helps you to find keywords depending on online searches. 

It is advisable to conduct heavy research to test the meta titles and descriptions to get the desired rank. Following this practice will help you with results that will amaze you. 

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